Problem Statement:

The digital age has transformed how consumers shop and interact with brands. Given SVA's commitment to bridging the gap between health and daily life for women, men and children, there was a need for an efficient, user-friendly, and secure e-commerce platform. This platform needed to not only represent the brand's core values but also handle the diverse range of products, inventory, and sales logistics, all while offering engaging user experiences.


To cater to SVA's specific requirements, a comprehensive e-commerce platform was developed using WordPress, leveraging the capabilities of the WooCommerce plugin. Extensions and third-party integrations were strategically incorporated to ensure functionality, efficiency, and a smooth user experience.


  • Comprehensive User Management: Multiple roles & capabilities, profile management, security features.
  • Extensive Product Management: Product variations, inventory tracking, category & sub-category creation.
  • Efficient Order Management: Shopping cart, wishlist, multiple payment gateways, order tracking.
  • Third-Party Integrations: SEO tools, email marketing, CRM, social media, affiliate programs.
  • Advanced Features: Live chat support, subscription models, loyalty programs.
  • Security & Compliance: Encryption with SSL, GDPR & CCPA compliance, regular data backups.

Use Cases:

  • A consumer searching for holistic nutrition supplements can explore products, read reviews, add to cart, and make a secure purchase.
  • Sellers can easily manage inventory, update product listings, and track sales.
  • Admins can gather insights from analytics, manage customer data, and interact with consumers via integrated chat support.
  • Affiliates can track their earnings and performance through the integrated affiliate platform.

Web/Application Specific Points:

  • User Interface (UI): The platform features a clean, minimalist design in line with Nyumi's branding. Product images are high-quality, with easy-to-read product descriptions and clear calls-to-action.
  • User Experience (UX): Designed with user-centric principles, the platform ensures smooth navigation, intuitive product search, and a seamless checkout process.
  • Interactivity: Users can browse products, filter by categories, add items to their wishlist or cart, initiate secure payments, track their orders, and interact with customer support in real time.

Technologies Used:

  • Core: WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Payment Gateways: Paytm, CAvenue
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Google Search Console
  • Email Marketing: Mailchimp, ConvertKit
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Chat & Support: Whatsapp SDK
  • Affiliate Programs: Custom integration with affiliate platforms