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User experience design is all about curating effortless interactions between users and digital platforms. At ScienceSoft, we're devoted to fashioning UX designs that not only guarantee optimal user satisfaction but also boost feature utilization and prolong user sessions across diverse web and mobile platforms.

Seeking Remarkable User Adoption & Engagement?

Whether starting from ground zero or rectifying an existing UX, our bespoke approach at S.T.R.In.G promises tangible and impactful outcomes.

Why UX Deserves Your Immediate Attention?

A whopping 73% of businesses today acknowledge the unparalleled role of UX in their success narrative, with plans to further their investment in the domain. Joining the remaining 27% who overlook UX's significance is akin to trailing in the competitive relay. Let decisions today not be the regrets of tomorrow.

Did You Know?


of users will pivot to rivals if they're discontent with the current UX.


High-caliber UX significantly elevates conversion rates.


Every investment in user experience yields a hundredfold return.

Sources: Google, Forrester



Purpose-Centric Strategy

Our journey starts with detailed UX research (for new projects) or a comprehensive UX audit (for existing platforms). We champion iterative enhancements, letting you witness and assess the transformations real-time.


Extensive User Persona Coverage

Our crafted personas encapsulate nearly all behavior nuances of your audience. With these personas guiding our strategies, we encompass 90%-95% of all conceivable user scenarios. Any untouched ground is researched and added during the user journey mapping phase.


Unified UX & UI Excellence

While UX and UI focus on different facets of the user journey, their end goal is identical - a frictionless user-software interaction. Opt for our combined UX and UI services for a synergized and expedited delivery.

Our Suite of UX Mastery Includes

Augment the lifetime value of every customer with an unparalleled online shopping experience.

Elevate your app's allure across all devices, drawing in more visitors and elongating their stay.

Rapid onboarding and robust subscription retention - the hallmarks of our SaaS UX designs.

Strategic UX Design Process

In-Depth User Insights

Through competitors’ analysis, web analytics, user interviews, and initial testing, we grasp the core goals, needs, and thought processes of your audience.

Persona Crafting and User Interaction Patterns

Using the analyzed data, we formulate personas – representative profiles of real users – that guide the creation of scenarios, delineating user-software interaction.

Comprehensive User Experience Mapping

We fuse various scenarios to curate an all-encompassing user journey map, detailing every interaction point with your software.

Design, Prototype, and Assurance

Starting with the user journey map, we design wireframes which converge into a clear prototype. This prototype undergoes meticulous testing, ensuring impeccable UX quality and minimizing potential design hiccups before diving into front-end development.

What You Get with Our Designs

We always start with a UX research (in case of software in development) or UX audit (in case of a developed software) to learn what benefits user experience design or redesign can offer to you. We also suggest iterative UX optimization that allows introducing UX improvements and analyzing their effect on the go.

While creating personas, we make sure they reflect all behavior patterns that are typical for your audience. That's why our user scenarios - with the personas at their core - cover 90%-95% of all possible interaction situations. To make up for the remaining ~10%, we conduct additional research during the user journey mapping stage.

Although UI design and UX design are different processes with different deliverables, they are closely interconnected and share the objective of facilitating users' interaction with software. By opting in for our UX and UI design services as a bundle, you get faster delivery due to already established collaboration.

Stay Ahead in the UX Marathon!

Entrust S.T.R.In.G's seasoned UX designers to amplify your conversions sixfold and cement enduring user loyalty.